Fine Art Image Capture

Sinar Impact Capture Our fine art image captures offer the highest resolution and truest color fidelity possible.

Using film to copy an image then scanning it has many inherent faults. The final result will depend on the quality of the scanner and skill of the scanning operator to produce a quality digital file. By photographing the artwork on film and then scanning that film into a digital file, you immediately end up with a second-generation image. Further, the resulting files must be up to four times larger to match the image resolution of digital capture files. Ultimately, you lose image resolution, add film grain and end up with oversized files.

With single capture systems you can be plagued by "de-mosaicing". De-mosaicing is the color interpolation process that converts the raw image generated by a color filter mosaic array to a full color image by estimating the missing color components of each pixel from its neighbors. With single capture systems only a portion of the sensor is used for each color resulting in loss of true resolution and the introduction of false colors or blurred edges. Typical single capture file sizes range from 30 - 80Mb

Our superior quality multi-pass system uses the full resolution of the image sensor by passing a dichroic red, green and two passes of blue filters over the whole sensor to capture the most accurate un-interpolated & highest resolution image possible. With our capture system you'll get images that are exceptionally accurate, crisp and clear! Further, we individually light each piece, creating the best lighting options to address the unique qualities of each piece of artwork.

Simply, our multi-pass capture system produces superior results.

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